Sunday, February 8, 2009

Target, Again

Yeah, I know. I'm a little obsessed with Target. Popped in there today for just a couple things and got distracted. Again. The shoes were calling my name, but luckily I only tried them on and am waiting to purchase sandals for the upcoming season. Some really cute stuff. I did spy a couple things in clothing, like the blouse below.

Mossimo Black - Georgette Top in Spice Print

I think I like it because it reminds me of the line Tucker by Gaby Basora. Really easy pieces in a variety of fun prints. All of Tucker's line is made from silk. This Target top, however, is good 'ole polyester. I figured as much being it's at Target. But I still like it. I tried on the large because they didn't have my normal medium and, of course, it was too big. The medium might be fine. It has a nice drape that'll be a good closet addition for spring/summer. Still thinking about it. I did snag this cute bag last week though. And because I couldn't find it online, please enjoy my [mediocre] photography skills.

Merona - Foldover Cross-Body Bag
$ 24.99

I guess it reminded me of the Foley & Corinna City Tote. Also, the color is a light aqua/blue (trust me, very pretty) that I've started seeing for spring, especially at JCrew. Those pastel, light neutral colors tend to wash me out, so there won't be much for me this spring, at JCrew anyway (my wallet will thank me); but I can still update with accessories, like the bag.

Side note: Those who read this post might think I'm bag obsessed...because I am. However, I did come to my senses and returned two of the HH bags I talked about.

So as I was taking the photos of the bag, my cat, Sznurek (pron. sh-noo-rek; it means "little string"; long story), was hanging around. And then he started being cute, so I just had to take some photos.

I really need to take a video so you can see him in all his cuteness/psycho-ness and hear his annoying meowing. The boy has quite the personality. As it is, I was doing a photo session with him to which he gave me the dirtiest look.

Really? I'm in the middle of cleaning myself.
(Hence the leg in a weirdly flexible, yoga-like position.)

And then I just kept taking more and more as his annoyed meowing increased.


I just want to go outside!
(Pardon the door. As I said before, we are still remodeling so the molding is missing here.)

And now I am exhausted. So I shall drink my Sleepytime Extra tea and bid you all goodnight.

I hate Mondays.


Kristen February 8, 2009 at 9:23 PM  

Miss Marta, I just thought you should know that I love reading your blog :)


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