Friday, May 8, 2009

I Am Not Dead

Just wanted to pop onto, um, my own blog for once to let people know: I'm Not Dead. I've just been busy being involved in the Twi-sites of late. And I don't think you want me posting all about Twilight and the actors and the movies, etc. You can clicky on one of the Twi-links I have at right ---------> for all that shite.

Just want to say, I heart my followers. Some are from the fashiony blogs I visit, like JCrew Aficionada, that I've been neglecting of late. I sorry! I suggest you check out Twilight so you know what all the fuss is about and then join in on the fun. Then you can head on over to the LTT/LTR Forum. Forums are fun. The LTT/LTR Forum is the funnest! Join it! You'll lots of stuff, like this and this, over there. Ahem, yeah.

So I've made a few purchases of late. Anthropologie, of course! I'll be posting reviews of the items this weekend, I think. We are throwing a house party, and it is Mother's Day, but I'll squeeze in the time for you! And maybe, just maybe, I'll get some eBay items up. Been sorting through all my shtuff and realized I have some nice pieces from Anthro that just don't fit me anymore and were worn maybe a handful of times. You are so lucky!

Oh, and the little bro, aka Army Brat, is home on pre-deployment leave so I'm also spending some QT with him before he leaves, for a year. *cries* He has a lovely little blog that he's started as a way to keep all his peeps informed while he's away. It'll be updated when he can and has internet access over there. Check out The Many Musings of The Moshi. It'll add to your life. Srsly.

Marti signing off for now.

I heart your faces!

Here's a pic of my kitty to make you giggle. He's so EFing weird.

Sznurek, mid-cleanse.  Aaaawkwaarrd.



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