Sunday, May 10, 2009

Anthro Review

Wow! Two posts in just a few days! I'm awesome! :-P

I figured I'd at least get an Anthropologie review of the recent items I bought up for you to read. The eBay stuff, well, that's just getting pushed back. Again. Hey, I told you I was (see right) ----> lazy & a procrastinator. No lie. We had a house/name (bday) party yesterday so my day was taken up with cleaning and prepping and a Target run and then, the party! It was superfantastical. We campfired with Polish kielbasa (the real stuff, not the American grocery store kind) and made s'mores. Drinks were flowing. I could have sat out there until the sun came up. But I didn't. The stupid thundershowers that we thought we escaped finally shoved all the remaining party stragglers inside. Where some proceeded to have a Mario Kart tournement. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! Haha. I stayed up suuuuuuuuuuuuper duuuuuuuuuuuper laaaaaaaaaaaate. Go. Me. And then today was Mother's Day, but nothing went on around here. I'm just (see right) -------> lazy. Found some of my spring/summer boxes that are still hiding in the basement from the move, so I was semi-productive there. I was pulling stuff out and it was like presents to myself all over again: "Oh, hi! Anthro shirt that I totes forgot I have. Yay! I'm totes gonna wear you tomorrow!" And so on and so forth.

And so!! On with the reviews!!

Item #1: Afternoon At Ease Dress


I had a hell of a time finding a pic-y for this. I literally just bought these items last week, and the dress is already gone from the site! Poof! That's what happens when Anthro items go on sale, and that's why I snatched it up right away! I had to Google that sh*t just to find it so I could show you all! Anyway, I luvs this dress. It's by Splendid and all their stuff is comfy, jersey, modal, and fabulous-fitting. I got it in black (avail. in fuschia, too) because of the versatility. I was thinking I might wear this to a wedding I have this summer. It's a morning wedding in Maine, and I want to be comfy all day so I'm thinking of jazzing it up with some fun summery accessories, funky flat sandals or the silver not-so-high heeled sandals I got from JCrew a couple years ago (and have yet to wear!). Did a test run today and it just might work. Keeping my options open though. Of course. ;-)

Item #2: Bud-to-Bloom Dress

I bought this at full price, my darlings. Yes. I know. I'm trying to be good. But honestly, I've been doing very good with my shopping restrictions. My bank account is a little fuller every time I get paid compared to bare bones if I go on a mini spending spree. See! Really good! Srsly though, I had started to lust after this dress a few weeks ago when I tried it on in store. It may seem simple, but the details are super cute and just so Anthro. I'm into versatility in my pieces (who isn't with this economy?) so this is a perfect casual dress that can be businessed-up for work when I need to "dress up" for clients (which I totally did the day after I got this dress b/c, coincidentally, we had a client-type-person come in) or dolled-up for a night out. I likes it. Even against my paler than pale skin, I still look grrrrreat!

Item #3: Brewed Bean Shell

Me likey a lot. This top is by Fei, which I love. I bought a really pretty semi-sheery tank a couple seasons ago and realized later, like I am realizing with a lot of clothes of mine, that I was buying the wrong size in a lot of things. I love it! It makes me feel like I lost weight/shrunk, when I most likely haven't. Just hiding from the world before, I guess. No longer! Showing the curves! Anyway, so this was another try on in the store and it fit GREAT. I had some self-control so I didn't buy it. I did buy it with my online purchase last week along with the 2 dresses above. I think it's the same size I tried on, and yet, it feels a little snug. Weird. Going to head to the store to try on another in the same size, and if that fails me, try to get the next size up. I no likey doing that. Otherwise, I really luvs this blouse. It's super comfy and light. Great to dress up or down. Win!!

Now, on to the Wish List items, hehe.

Jacqueline Dress - $98
Going with my simple and versatile theme, this dress fits the bill.

Neo-Neapolitan Dress - $178
Simple and versatile theme, continued! With a cute detail to boot.

Walk-a-Ways Dress - $128
I LUVS this dress. It's, ahem, simple but cute. I love the orange bottom. So fun!
I kinda need this dress.

And the piece de la resistance! Behold!

Tracy Reese for Anthro Grass Blade Dress - $218
I'm holding out hope that this dress might go on sale so I can wear it to the wedding instead of my choice above.
I luvs Tracy Reese for Anthro pieces.
I need them in my closet.
I need this dress in my closet.

And, yes, I know I sound like Chloe. Whatevs. Can we help it if we're dress obsessed? I kinda feel like I have more of an occasion to wear my dress purchases. At least, that's what I tell myself when I'm buying them. "I am gonna wear this dress soooo much! I swear! Cost-per-wear is going to be, like, soooo low!" Yeah. Right.

I heart fashion. :-D

And I heart your faces! Thanks for reading my silliness!

{All images courtesy Anthropologie, of course}


Kristen May 11, 2009 at 8:06 PM  

I am OBSESSED with all of those dresses!!! You have amazing taste in clothes.

Chloe May 23, 2009 at 5:04 AM  

IT IS PERFECTLY FINE TO SOUND LIKE ME. But I warn you, my voice is kind of high and squeaky and doesn't carry very well.

Oh, wait.

Diana Draw July 17, 2009 at 4:41 PM  

Shannon over at Wardrobe Review tried on the walk-a-way dress:

Perhaps it's worth a second thought...


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