Thursday, March 5, 2009

Anthro Wishlist & Fab Find at Target

So, I skipped over to Target on my lunch yesterday because, as most of us know, the Alexander McQueen line was supposed to hit stores. Yeah, you think it was there? Nope! Seriously. I'm getting the impression that my local store tends to not get things or put them out late. They never even had a display for Hayden-Harnett. Just some random bags scattered here and there. Very willy nilly. Disappointing!

Anyway, I went to CS to ask if they knew anything about it, and of course they have no idea which way is up. I will just have to stalk the store until something pops up, kinda like Jacqueline had to do with Orla Kiely. That was pretty funny ;-). I'm not going to go nuts though because I realized that I'm only really interested in a few pieces (harness dress, cropped jacket, zig-zag one-shoulder dress). I'd rather check them out in store because previous designer lines were junior sized, so I'd need to try the pieces on first. I could order them online through AAA because of a 10% discount, but I'd rather see the pieces before buying.

So I nearly made it out of Target without buying anything. Nearly. Of course, I made a pit stop at shoes to see if there was anything new since my last visit. There was. And I bought one of said new items. For only 20 bucks! I really like these shoes so far, but keeping the tags on just in case. My shopping budget has practically dropped to almost nothing these days, so I have to be super careful. No more shopping binges at JCrew and Anthro :-(. So sad. I am keeping my eye on a couple items at Anthro and might use some of my tax refund toward a purchase. I keep envisioning sooo many outfits with 2 of my wishlist items, making them super versatile, therefore justifying the purchase. Of course ;-). Already planning lots o' Polyvore outfits!

Anthropologie Alexa Tunic

Anthropologie Bojana Top

The Target shoes I nabbed are below. I think they are very much in the spirit of (check out Gigi's "in the spirit of" posts) a pair of Frye heels I spotted at ShopBop. Anthro also has them in navy. Granted, Frye is quality leather that will last a long time, but I just can't spend the funds at this point. And I tend toward lower heels and flats, so not sure how many times I'd actually wear the heels (already tall at 5'8").

Target by Mossimo Peep-toe Mary Janes

Frye - Kelsey Ankle Strap Peep-toe

The shoes are by Mossimo. The color is a lovely sagey green. The heel height is a bit higher than I'd like (4.25), but I've gotten used to ones this high and the front does have a small cushioned platform (1/2"), adding to the comfort level. I bought my normal size 9 1/2. I could have gotten a 9, but I will be wearing these mostly when the weather is warm, so hot/swollen feet, hence a bigger size = more comfort. The ankle strap buckles with 2 metal prongs. I'll have to puncture a few more holes to pull the strap tighter for safety. It slips down my heel at this point. These seem like something you could see sold at Anthro. Very vintage inspired. Luv!

Hello, my dears.
Welcome to my closet!
Come on in and meet all your new friends!

{images courtesy Anthropologie & ShopBop}


Anonymous,  March 22, 2009 at 2:54 AM  

how come the alexa tunic doesn't come in blue on their website? how'd u get that pic?

Marta B. March 22, 2009 at 8:32 PM  

Go to Blouses --> Printed --> View All. It's there. They have a few similar looking tunic blouses, but this is the only one in that style and print.

Anonymous,  March 23, 2009 at 2:04 PM  

yea i've seen it there, it's just that there is no blue available just the white and red. I was wondering why there is no blue there since u have that pic. know wut i mean?


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