Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Movie Review: Confessions of a Shopaholic & Others

So sad, dear readers. I skipped out late yesterday afternoon (day off from work, yay!) to see it with a friend as we were bored, and I was pretty disappointed in what I saw. I know I was excited and skeptical to see it, and I was right to have that skepticism. They just changed/adapted too much, and not in a good way. I know Disney bought the rights, but it still could have been "family friendly" and entertaining in a good way. This just wasn't. Ah well.

The army brat was home this weekend for a surprise visit, and I did manage to watch a movie with the fam the other night: Sunshine. Apparently, some people didn't like it. I leave you to make your own conclusion (i.e. don't read any reviews until you watch it!). I also watched Definitely, Maybe. I was really hesitant to see this as I wasn't sure how Ryan Reynolds would fair as a lead. Plus, the previews when the movie was out didn't make it that appealing. I was wrong! The army brat and I have similar tastes in music and movies and such, and he loved this movie. He actually had the DVD with him, so I set myself up in my room and watched. Luv! Granted, I am a romantic and like romantic movies, and this is one; but it was a good film. Miss Isla Fisher is in it and I was pleasantly surprised by her performance. I really like her in the movie. Could be I'm now on an Isla kick and that's why I spontaneously went to see Shopaholic. Definitely will be looking forward to seeing her in more roles; and I hope Shopaholic doesn't blacken her too much. I will say that the girl can get her zany on. She does some pretty wacky stuff in the movie. A bit over the top, but less crazy than Wedding Crashers.



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