Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pass it Along: 29-Day Giving Challenge

So I was checking in with Operation NICE, and Melissa has posted about a great project called the 29-Day Giving Challenge. The founder, Cami Walker, has gone one step further and challenged herself to reach 2,000 people with the project. I think this is a great idea. I'm a little hesitant to do it myself because I feel I might get stuck, but I think I might challenge myself to do it. In any case, please pass this along to anyone you know who might want to partake to help Cami Walker carry out her goal of reaching 2,000 people. The video below will explain a bit more about it. If only it was a leap year and there were 29 days in February it would be perfect! Even so, starting in February (this Sunday) and going through the whole month plus the 1st of March should work. Whatever you want to do!

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