Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hello, hello

So, this is my first foray into the blogging world. You can thank my brother for giving me the bright idea. Thanks, bro! Just another avenue of time suckage! No, really. I will try to make this thing I do here somewhat interesting. Please forgive me if you get bored or whatever, but then, you can just click on out! I'm going to try to make this a diary/journal of sorts for myself. Something I was never big on or consistent with in my life. Maybe something interesting will come of it. It'll at least get me to be more creative, post photos (from a camera that I have barely used recently), share recipes, talk about my crazy shopping problem, my love of fashion, etc., etc., etc. I tend to be long-winded, or as I like to call it, detailed. So if I'm rambling on and on, then oh well. If you like what you see, then maybe you'll keep visiting me. And as I said, if you don't, then you've only really wasted a few minutes of your time. So follow me on down the rabbit hole...



Snow Effect

Legal Brownie

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